Exhibitor FAQ’s

Q.  Do I need to create the graphics for my booth?
A.  No.   There are about 100 different designs already created for you.  You just need to pick the booth style/layout that you like.

Q.  How long does it take to setup the virtual booth?
A. About an hour or less.   You will be provided with a link and password to your booth setup page.   You will then upload items you already have created for your product –PDF flyers, demo videos, and logos.   You will also add text that briefly describes your solution.   You will create short staff profiles (business cards) with photos.  And finally, you will add your website link so visitors can jump to your website directly from your booth.

Q. How will I demo my product when someone visits my booth.
A. If you want to show a live demo, you should use your Lotus Live, Go To Meeting or WebEx on-line meeting service and have a meeting running for the duration of the exhibitor hours.   You can then provide a link to your booth visitors for them to join you on the meeting.

Q. What hours will I need staff available for the virtual booth.
A.  The times at still to be determined.  Most likely it will be from 10 AM to 6 PM  EDT each day.

Q.  Is it necessary to have a webcam?
A.  No.  But we do recommend that you have a webcam setup for each of your booth staff.   If your booth visitors have a webcam and microphone then you will be able to carry on a “face to face” conversation.

Q.  How can we give away a booth prize?
A.  Your virtual booth will have a place for you to load up your booth prize information.  You will then need to mail the prize to your visitors.  Or, if you have some type of electronic prize, then you could simply email it to your visitors or provide a link to retrieve the prize.

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