Q.  What is the cost  to register for this conference?
A.  This conference is free to attendees.

Q.  Who can attend?
A.  All IBM Lotus professionals are encouraged to attend.  This includes developers, administrators, executives, managers and users looking to increase their knowledge and skills.

Q.  I live outside the United States.   Can I still attend?
A.  Yes.  This is a virtual conference.  All you need is a high speed internet connection and audio speakers to attend the conference.

Q.  Do I need a webcam to attend?
A.  No. But, LTAP encourages and recommends that you do use a webcam to have virtual face-to-face contact with other attendees and the staff at the vendors’ booths.

Q.  Will my computer be able to connect to the show?
A.  Yes.  When you register, the LTAP system will check your connection and verify that you will be able to connect to the conference.

Q.  Do I need multi-media capabilities on my computer?
A.  Yes.  At a minimum, you need audio capabilities and high speed internet.

Q.  During sessions, how will I ask questions?
A.  You will text chat your questions to the presenter.  If time does not permitt for all questions to be answered during the session, the presenter will respond to your question via email.

Q.  How will I share contact information with other attendees?
A.  When you are chating with other attendees, you can click on a button to share you contact information.

Q.  At conferences, I usually pick up brochures and carry all that weight around.  How do I get brochures from the exhibitors?
A.  Each attendee is given a virtual briefcase that you use to download information from the exhibitors and the conference.

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