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Notes Code is pleased to present the first virtual conference for the IBM Lotus space. 

Request an Exhibitors package today by send an email to ltap@notescode.com

More than 300 people have already registered and are prepared to visit your virtual booth.  We asked in our registration page what type of solutions the attendees would be looking for in the exhibitors’ showcase.  Here is a sample of their responses.  

This unique opportunity will promote your brand and find qualified leads for your solutions.  Our goal is to register 1,000+ attendees for this two day vitural conference.

What are the benefits for the exhibitors:
- you will meet new contacts that have not been to Lotusphere or other conferences
- qualified leads will look for solutions in the Exhibitors hall
- LTAP speed sponsoring sessions will introduce your products and services to a majority of the attendees
- the LTAP conference provides metrics for all visitors at your booth

- no travel or hotel expenses
- no lost days for travel
- no sore feet
- no more closing down the bar

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